Saturday, January 28, 2012


Well I think it is mid winter but feels like spring! Daily temps in the upper 80's nights in the 60's. I am not sure how I feel about this. My cold season plants are HATING it but the tomatoes that made it through the freezes have re-sprouted wonderfully bright green shoots and some are even blooming again.

I got some bulbs that will grow here in Central FL, I got Canna and Gladioli. Both are beautiful flowers and I love the idea of mixing flowers and edibles!! I cannot wait to get them into the ground and watch them grow and bloom!

I also got some rose bush plants (3 types).. Fairy, Gold Medal, and John Hancock. They all look quite beautiful and after watching many gardeners post pictures of beautiful roes blooms i must join the party!

My bunching onions have sprouted, as well as my 3 types of basil, and fennel!

The house is under going a heavy spring cleaning which also brings in a redoing of the house. So far we have painted the bathroom and removed the medicine cabinet and replaced with a beautiful mirror and shelves (all this was done today, by me) its a blue and brown theme which I think is cute retro type feel. The kitchen has been updated but needs a good paint which is the final step for completing the kitchen I am thinking a rusty orange. The next room we are working on is the bedroom, Brooke's room was recently done is a tinkerbell/princess type room mixing pinks and purple with more natural elements including a new overhead light that looks like a sun that we put in today. So its our room that in next to be under construction, then the living room, laundry room and finally ending with the dining room. Wheew.. and thats just the inside.

Outside spring cleaning plans are to continue to work on and expand food forest, remove blueberries and replant into containers, expand the blackberry patch towards the fence, finish off the pond with some rocks, plant a couple more fruit trees, clean up areas and maximize planting space, mulch out fire pit area.


  1. Isn't it fun to never have enough hours in the day to do everything you want to do? I could never understand people who complain of being bored! ( In fact they get on my nerves, I want to hand them a hammer or a paintbrush or something!)

  2. Your telling me!! I used to say it as a kid now looking back I am like UGH if only I had that time now LOL

  3. You make gardening sound delightful. ;)

  4. Gardening is delightful :)

    Winter in Florida is definitely not for the nostalgic lol and I agree, I want to smack those people on the head and then hand them a broom lol