Monday, January 23, 2012

Transform the Phone Book into little seed pots

Its that time of year again you walk out your front door and there at your feet is a bag with a heavy phone book in it. Many people just toss them out but instead do something awesome with it.. make little seed pots!!!

What you need:
~ 1 phone book
~ 1 short and fat shot glass, or a spice shaker

What you do:
~ Start by taking a sheet of phone book, fold it in half (long ways)
~ Wrap it tightly around your shot glass leaving a overhang on the bottom
~ Fold in the overhang around the bottom of the glass creating a bottom
~ Press the shot lass onto a hard surface and twist
~ Slowly pull up glass leaving a little pot
~ Push up the bottom just a little
~ Fill with potting mix and plant seed
~ When ready to plant into garden, plant whole thing (it will decompose)

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  1. Great idea! Now all I need is to buy a shot glass!

  2. We did this last year with newspaper. It was great. Anything small will work. We used our salt shaker.