Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wilted Tomatoes~ Freeze

So all my tomatoes even the covered ones wilted.. the ones that were uncovered have wilted and turned dark green with damage. The covered ones are wilted but still green so I am hoping to keep them alive long enough to finish growing all my green tomatoes.. Here is what I am doing..

Saving Tomato Plants From Frost

~ Prune any obviously dead or frozen leaves and stems immediately. They will not regenerate after frost damage, and leaving them on the plant will only make it more difficult for the plant to supply nutrients to the healthy portions.

~ Pull any red fruit from the vine, but leave green tomatoes. Often, young green fruit is able to recover after a mild frost, and in a week or two should begin to develop normally. If no new growth is seen in this time, remove the green tomatoes as well.


  1. Yours are greener than mine =)) Mine turned into mush =))) But it's all good

  2. oh lol.. thats the good batch.. i lost my other 10 plants.. we made green tomato salsa ;)

  3. try putting a string of light bulbs in your tomato cages (one bulb per cage is fine) and cover with a layer of frost cloth followed by a layer of sheets. After this freeze my tomatoes look like nothing happened