Tuesday, February 7, 2012

and we will be on the news....

So today a little after 9:30 AM I began speaking about my gardens to a lovely pair from News Channel 8 (WFLA). Her name was Leigh Spann and she was so sweet and pleasant to be around, making my nerves and stomach calm a little bit. She asked me some questions on gardening which is of course my passion so they were easy to answer but my mouth was so dry form the nerves causing my to choke on my words a couple times.

They were around a little less then a hour, touring the gardens, taking shots, asking questions!

I will be aired March 1st twice, once between 5 and 530 am and again between 6 and 630 am


Heres some blogs of friends mentioning me and the news:

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  1. Well done Brittany!! You may have influenced many families to begin gardening and becoming more self sufficient!

  2. Wow, local celeb! Can't wait to see the piece!