Monday, February 27, 2012

Another Garden

In my ever expanding attempt to totally transform both my front and back yard into a food paradise I created a new garden space, these spaces are smaller yes but will still produce wonderful goodies for my family. This newest space came to be after walking into my backyard and noticing the first thing that caught your eye was a open blank space near the fire pit.. not any longer.

Now when you walk into my backyard you are greeted by a stack of wood then where the porch ends and the yard begins is a scavenged metal shelf full of pots of herbs, behind that is the new garden space and just a little further our fire pit where we gather 'round to enjoy a nice night just us or with friends.

The new garden space has a thin walkway down the middle giving way to 2 beds on either side, towards the front yard you have a new herb bed where our lavender is already planted but will be consumed with many more herbs because honestly you can never have to many, the other half will be for misc veggies, right now we planted left over lettuce starts as a experiment, and since I always start extra seeds (just in case) after all is said and done in the main beds the extras will be planted in these beds so no plant or planting space goes to waste.

Im just loving how my yard is coming along and cant wait till the yard really takes off in full food paradise splendor :) this summer my front yard will be filled with yummy things like peanuts, sweet potatoes, Seminole pumpkin, and other yummy goodies as well as sunflowers (just because I love them) :)

Here the garden area is after a soil loosening and grass pulling.. its being worked over by the chickens so they can scratch, and fertilize it :)

Here is the garden after its been fully worked with compost and peat moss added.. the beds have been formed and the walkway made

Here is a view walking into the yard


  1. Good for you! And it looks like you have a great little helper in training!

  2. Great work! And I agree, you can never have to many herbs.