Sunday, February 19, 2012

Down and dirty in the gardens

So this weekend was all apart cleaning, family, and gardening.

It started with a good soaking friday afternoon setting the mood for the gloomy but fun weekend. First we set up and built a basket for delivery to a dentist office filled with local produce (who needs harry and david's $250 baskets when you have my local goodness) so we went around to farmers markets.
While out we picked up a bunch of herbs, 2 lavender plants, thyme, oregano, and garlic chives.
Bags of leaves were picked off the street and spread into gardens, empty beds were filled with leaves and topped with compost, buckets were filled with dirt and compost to plant a couple roma tomato starts, tomatoes were planted in Brooke's garden as well as seeing more volunteer beans popping up in there, peppers were planted (both sweet and hot), eggplants were planted, seeds were started, seeds were ordered from bakers creek for items like Seminole pumpkin, and a couple canning tomatoes.
The chickens were moved from the porch to the chicken area and into the coop, Salt and Pepper hated them and chased them down into a corner pecking them nonstop so they were placed into a separate coop area were they can be seen, smelled and heard but not attacked they will stay in there for about a week then let back out, if salt and pepper is still attacking she will be removed and put into quarantine for a week while the pecking order gets readjusted.
All in all it was a hugely productive weekend and cannot wait to get those seeds sprouting and planted in the gardens!! :)


  1. WOW! you had a busy weekend it seems!

  2. Where are the farmer's markets you go? I have been looking for some locally grown organic produce..I don't trust that the stuff in the grocery is truly "organic".

  3. Sweet water organic farm Sunday market, Saturday morning market in st.pete, the 2MD Sunday of the month is the seminole heights market.