Sunday, February 5, 2012

A garden where there was once a path

Doing a good look at my yard I relized I had perfectly square raised beds with walkways on all sides, and not tiny walkways, large you can sit down in them walkways which is really unneeded in my space, so my most recent goal is to remove a lot of the wasted walkway space.

The plan:
Of course we still need walkways, you need to be able to get around, pick veggies etc but we must get rid of wasted space!! A peach tree in the chicken area starts the transformation, there is no reason a chicken area should be bare, so we planted a floriprince peach surrounded by compost and enclosed with a circle of chicken wire to keep them from digging while it gets established. The second thing we did was create a small garden area in front of the blueberries and behind the rocket stove, there was no reason that had to remain empty, so i laid down newspaper to serve as skinny walkways so you could harvest from all sides and raised up soil and compost to create a uplifted garden space, this created 3 small planting spots, 1 area we already planted some collard starts. Im am very excited about this transformation, it will help turn the ENTIRE backyard into a lovely food forest at some point, full of grains, veggies, and fruits!



  1. Wow, I remember what that looked like before. Very nice!

  2. Im going to do a version of this all around the yard

  3. You will be eating well in no time -- what a great eye you have for making use of wasted space. Is your garden totally edible?

  4. Oh yes! Im starting to slowly add flowers but I prefer edibles! :)