Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Going Green Tampa

Once upon a time not so long ago a wonderful website was born. The name is Going Green Tampa and may I say it is quite fantastic! A resource for "green" businesses and events this website has taken off! Filled with everything from organic restaurants to clothing businesses and even some hair stylists this is your one stop website to gain the knowledge you need to shop responsibly.

Wonderful Listings Include: ("like" these guys)
GreenDreams ~ that designs & installs urban farms, backyard homesteads, community gardens & learning gardens for schools in the Tampa Bay area. They also provide consultations/classes & also have an edible nursery at their office.

Fisher Honey Bees ~ Providing 100% raw, all natural, never heated honey from the local area. They have bees in Pinellas, Pasco, and Hillsborough county. They do not use any pesticides of any sort on our bees.

Intensity Academy Gourmet Sauces ~ Intensity Academy is an all natural local award winning sauce company. The owners’ commitment to supporting their local community with the best that spice has to offer is apparent in their choice of bottling their products in Tampa Bay.

Down2Earth ~ Offering sensible gifts for earth-minded people, highlighting reusable bags and bottles, organic cotton graphic tees, soy candles, re-engineered goods, and more!

But its not just their wonderful listing of businesses that attracts me to them they also have useful articles, list local blogs, and seem to care about really trying to make Tampa Bay a better greener place for all to enjoy!

Not to mention a killer list of green events in the local area!!

If you havent yet "like" them on facebook and bookmark their website!!

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