Monday, February 13, 2012

A late winter freeze

This winter has been very mild and when i say very I mean it.. in most parts of the country everyone has been warm, here I had 3 days of freezes and many days of 80+ degrees, the last couple years its been freezing for many weeks at a time. After the last 4 weeks of really warm weather I planted out my warm season veggies to get a early start.

Last night we had a freeze.. I lost everything... Beans, basil, nasturtiums, eggplant, tomatoes, fennel.. FRICK!!!

Oh well lesson learned


  1. You poor thing, I've just planted squash, basil, oregano, marigold, heat loving flowers, tomatoes and peppers - all dead too =(((
    Horrible weather this year ='(

  2. My squash and zucchini didn't make it either :( what a confusing winter this has been.

  3. Oh I feel sad for you! How frustrating! Its happened to me too, only months later of course.

  4. Thanks guys!! You live and learn right, LOL! Time to order more seeds and start them again