Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Local Spotlight & Giveaway: Intensity Academy Gourmet & Hot Sauce Company

If you want some saucy goodness this is the stuff to get. Filled to the top with love and spice, sealed and wrapped in a awesome label, put into your kitchen and used in every meal.. then you have a intensity academy hot sauce.

I have tried a lot of their saucy awesomeness and just LOVE the hot cubed, it is really a remarkable hot sauce, not to mention the thai sweet chili which gets mixed into our stir fry dishes all the time!! This up and coming company are ever expanding and being sampled around the world now! WOW!

I found them one summer night at the Green After Dark event in Odessa, sampled their goods, stuck around for a chat, and fell in love, after that i have been scouting them out, and our fridge is never without a open bottle.

Producing carrot based hot sauces & organic tea infused gourmet sauces that wow everyone, that's what they have perfected!!!

Company Overview:
Intensity Academy sauces are all natural, award winning gourmet & hot sauces. In less than 4 years of being in business they have won 50 national awards including their Chai Chipotle Chup' being named the #1 ketchup in the NATION thru the 2010 Scovie Awards.

Email: IntensityAcademy@verizon.com

The Giveaway:

To enter:
Check out their facebook page, "like" them, then click a share button or post on facebook for this blog, and leave me a comment that you have done so. This will enter you into our drawing!

What you get if you win: A saucy pack!

This drawing ends: Feb 29th 2012 @ 10pm

"Creating flavors to make the world a saucier place to live...one bottle at a time." ~Michele Northrup, Founder

Above: Shrimp made with hot cubed

Below: A Saucy arrangement of their sauces

Above: A cute little gift pack!

Barn hop here!!

Below: A very YUMMY pot of chili made with their new spice mix (heck yes i bought a pack)

Above: A box of assorted sauces (these were Christmas gifts around my house this year)


  1. I have an entire fridge shelf devoted to Intensity Academy sauces, wouldn't use anything else!

  2. I liked them on facebook & shared the giveway! Thanks!

  3. Oh....way to many spelling errors...must proof read :) Anyhow..I liked the site and shared your link...and I very much enjoy your blog BTW :)

    1. I think you meant "too" :)


  4. We'd love to try a different hot sauce! I liked them on FB and shared the link- thank you!!!! Jess McCarthy

  5. I've read about this company -- lots of raves! Is there a sauce you recommend that scores 100 on flavor and 0 on intensity (heat?)

  6. They all have a little bite but my favorite non hot sauce is the chai sweet chili, tossed in stir fry.. YUMMM!!

  7. I liked their page and shared your giveaway! My hubby LOVES hot sauce so this would be a great gift to give him for our anniversary!

  8. We shared their page. I am def planning on ordering some of their sauces - hopefully at the next local event. They sound delish - Patricia, groOrganic