Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sink or Float: The tale of a good egg vs bad egg

One upon a time there was a very bad egg where it once had whites it now had just air pockets, all because it lost its moisture and carbon dioxide. One day this bad egg took a trip to a bowl of cold water for a dive.. it dove in but floated to the top unable to dive to the bottom it got mad and left. Then along came a good egg to take a dive, It jumped in and dove to the bottom of the bowl of cold water, once it got to the bottom it decided to sit there for a while and rest, later that day the good egg and some of it friends were nice enough to feed a wonderful happy family breakfast!

The End!

The morale of the story:
A bad egg will float to the top while a good egg will sink to the bottom, all eggs but the floaters are ok to eat.

Photo Courtesy of Google.com

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