Tuesday, February 21, 2012

So I've been thinking...

Why do I really grow my own food, why am i diving so into this instead of something else..

Let me first answer my first questions, why do I grow my own food... really it boils down to the face that I am highly suspicious of the government and them wanting the "best" for us.. I don't like the studies that are kept out of the public eye about GMO foods, or the fact that they refuse to label them, I don't like the fact that we in America waste so much including our food products, I don't like the fact that we dump chemicals onto the foods we then consume, in fact there's a lot that I don't like.. but what I do like is having total control over what I put into my body, the fact that I can walk outside into my front yard or backyard and pick food that I can eat right then and there, the fact that my daughter can run in between the rows of beds filled with her dinner and eat whatever she wants without having to take it inside and wash it then hope there are no chemicals left on it, I like knowing that I can provide for my family whether money is tight or not we can still eat and I can still provide, that nature is welcome to my yard rather then killed, that I can work with nature instead of against her..

Now for my second question.. Why am I diving into this vs something else...
I think this really has to do with my personality and is a 2 step question, first I throw myself into any project I set my mind on.. there is no pace yourself Brittany it is a go hard or go home attitude, my mind gets fixed on it and its go go go.. if I don't have the money I scavenge what I need on the road side, on Craigslist or freecycle.. anywhere I can. This has always been how I am, sometimes its good sometimes its not and yes sometimes it is a process but just 2 years after I moved into this house I have almost converted all my grassy area into gardens or chicken area including in the front, I have planted fruit trees, installed a small pond to grow water edibles in, raised 6 chickens, and felt the best I ever have. The real question then is why this.. why did i choose to devote all mine and my families free time to a urban farm, I think the better question might be why not? Yes you can raise animals, yes you can knit or sew or home brew or any number of productive homestead things and I do a lot of those (currently learning about the home brewing thing) but my first and foremost goal is to be as sustainable as I can and that starts with a large and productive, happy garden so that's where my prime energy is being spent, the cheese making, brewing, sewing, knitting, and other goodies come second for me :)


  1. Hey Brittany, I'm right with you in the go all out or go home mentality. I too, am scared of what the government is doing - GMO foods are a disaster waiting to happen. Now, there's also legislation that is the first step in limiting peoples right to grow herbs (check out solutions for science website). I want to be able to produce enough food to feed myself and my family. Plus, the health benefits are wonderful! I've lost 7 pounds in the three weeks I've been going at my garden like a bat out of heck! When I can actually start eating what I produce, I expect I'll be able to lose even more!

  2. All are very good points. Thanks for sharing. I do it for healthier food, exercise and quit time.

  3. Brittany, you are such an inspiration! I would love to come up and learn from you about what to do to get my own garden started.

  4. Hey Brittany...Always glad to find another Florida gardener. Your blog looks very inspiring and I look forward to reading more. I, too, am very distrustful of the GMO foods and I have tinkered in growing veggies for a long time, but now am planning to dive in and grow as much of our food as possible.