Saturday, March 17, 2012

Experiment: Seed Scattering

So last night I got half of my food forest covered with compost and rich soil (this is on top a layer of branches and leaves)

Then this morning I made a seed mix of a HUGE variety of plants

Seed Mix:
~ sweet basil
~ dill
~ parsley
~ marigold
~ anise hyssop
~ peppers
~ lemon squash
~ borage
~ violet jasper tomato
~ orach
~ malabar spniach
~ love in a mist
~ tobacco
~ camomile
~ oregano
~ amaranth
~ sorghum
~ echinacea
~ daisies
~ tomatillo
~ kentucky wonder beans
~ mystery tomato
~ blanket flower
~ Unknown native flower
~ nutmeg melon
~ okra
~ flax
~ Roselle
~ oats
~ Im sure I am forgetting a couple

I wet the compost/soil mix VERY well and let soak in, then i sprinkled with a mix of organic fertilizers like blood meal, kelp meal, bone meal, etc, and then the seed was sprinkled by hand as evenly as I could get.

After everything was sprinkled out I went back through and scratched the seeds into the dirt by hand leaving a display of hidden seeds, half hidden seeds, and uncovered seeds

After everything was scratched in I topped with leaves to hopefully keep the animals from eating the seeds and to help keep the soil moist while they germ (like a real forest)

My goal is to have a large variety of plants growing with different root depths and purposes, herbs for cooking & healing, veggies & fruits for fresh eating and kitchen use, flowers for eating and bringing pollinators, grains for nitrogen fixing abilities and for grain of course, there is also a mix of annuals, perennials, and self seeders to keep the forest constantly alive and growing.

This is a test to see how well the scatter seed method goes and what grows and what doesn't, I am very excited to see how it progresses through out the next month and months as things germ and grow. :) I will continually post of this experiment though the stages. Send your growing energy to those little seeds!!

Wanna see whats going on at other homesteads??? BarnHop!!!


  1. I'll be watching to see what happens...

  2. Thanks for sharing your experiment. I will be anxious to see how it goes (grows). This will be fun to watch as you post!

  3. Wow, fun idea! Can't wait to see what happens!