Friday, March 23, 2012


I have green dreams every night, me out in a field surrounded by thousands of types of plants, edibles I have never even heard of... aw yes. but that isnt the type of Green Dreams I am talking about, instead I am talking about a wonderful company.

You may have noticed my sidebar had a new banner added, a sponsor (ick, yack, oh no) but this company is worth that space and space inside your brain. They design a paradise garden for you in your own backyard, complete with yummy edibles. I am happy to say they are owned by a wonderful pair who I would like to say are friends. Instead of paying money for that spot in the sidebar they are contributing to this ever growing urban farm, a perfect win win!

So let me give you the down low (hehehehe):
Green Dreams began as a lawn & landscape company in the Tampa Bay area over 10 years ago. Due to the rise of chemically-based product companies (such as the creators of Round-Up & Miracle Grow) & science's genetically modified mess they have chosen to take the path of nature's evolution instead.
They are also in the beginning stages of utilizing sustainable methods of growing to develop their own CSA (Community Supported Agriculture/Co-Op). They believe that the future of our health is directly related to the food on the table. Typical monoculture farming has left the beautiful planet & the health of our children in a heap of trouble so this great company is working to change all that starting with bringing the victory garden to you!

Join me in welcoming them to a wonderful growing movement, and its family!!!

We need more sustainable "green" companies around since the others keep seeming to be bought out and destroyed!! Go Green... GreenDreams

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