Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Homemade Garden Markers

With it being spring and so many people planting things this is a good time to make your own garden markers..

I scoured the internet looking for my favorites and inspiration, these are the ones i rounded up!!

Picture Courtesy of Google

Picture Courtesy of Crafty Couple Blog

Picture Courtesy of Google

Picture Courtesy of In my own style

Picture Courtesy of Martha Stewart

Picture Courtesy of Woof Nanny Blog

I hope this gave you all some instantiation cause it sure did me!! :)


  1. Great Ideas, I made some out of old metal coat hangers and fender washers!

  2. great ideas! here's my quick and free version.

  3. I love the cork and spoon labels. I need to make some better markers, surprise tomatoes are only fun for so long, i need better organization. Your site is wonderful, so much great information and inspiration, happy gardening!