Thursday, March 22, 2012

How to fix your sandy soil

So you live somewhere where your soil is almost pure sand? You take a big handful and it runs through your hands and blows away in the wind..

Well I have learned the supposed fix: calcium bentonite clay

It is a natural occurring organic amendment used mostly in Australia (from what I can see), most articles are from their but filled with good info.

Here is your mix:
~ a heavy sprinkle of bentonite
~ Rich Compost
~ Blood Meal
~ Bone Meal

Mix that into the top layer of your sand soil and water in very well, repeat this application once a week for 3 weeks at this point you should see the difference in water holding ability, as time progress the clay will continue to work its magic turning the water repellant sand into water holding soil

You can also make a water mix by taking some and making a thick past with water, let sit overnight then add more water making a yogurt type thickness (let sit overnight again) then add more water like orange juice (mix VERY VERY well) pour into a watering can and water your soil!!!

I got a large bag of bentonite today for $14.50 which will be added to all my garden beds and future food forest area.

Ill report back with my personal findings in 3 weeks!!!


  1. Cool! Years ago I asked Shell's Feed to carry calcium bentonite clay (vs. sodium bentonite clay) as it does wonders for water absorption. I learned of it in the 90s when I lived in Denver, which sits atop a very thick layer of calcium bentonite clay. I'm glad that you are trying it out!

  2. i should clarify i am talking about calcium clay, and I got it at shells!! :)

  3. That works really well. when my mom lived in Florida she used a similar solution!