Wednesday, March 21, 2012

How to keep your soil from washing away

So today we had our first rain in something like 2 months, I was very very excited until it kept coming, and coming, and coming... We ended up with over 3 inches and my newly added compost and soil was washed away.

So how do we keep the soil from washing away?

This should be done anyway but if you haven't its just another reason to get going.
Soil has a certain amount of air, and peat, and other stuff in it that makes it lighter (compacting down does not change this so do not try it) and easily washed away in a heavy rain, so as soon as that soil goes down add your mulch.. Leaves, straw, wood chips, anything.. add at least 2 inches preferably 4. Done now much less if any will be washed away

plants like clover, thyme, oregano, mint, strawberries any of those low growing shallow rooted plants work well because as soon as they get going they grip all their roots into that topsoil and hold on for dear life not letting it go anywhere

**If its washing away due to being on a hill, add bricks to make it level then add all the soil creating a even surface vs a hilled surface.. in fact you can make many level terraces all the way down a hill allowing a couple holes in your bricks to let some water through and you have a self watering system by letting the excess water drain to lower levels**