Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Lorax

Want a movie all about loving earth and nature but don't want to force your kids to sit through another documentary? Go see The Lorax. Not only will you love it but so will your kids!!

It starts with a young man who moves to the forest bursting with great ideas but with a lack of knowledge about anything really.. He proceeds to make money using what the forest provides destroying it in the process and losing a dear friendship, when he finally looks at what he has done it is to late, many years later he must help another young boy make the right choices and learn from his past mistakes.

A wonderful take on things that are going on in our daily lives and how 1 choice can make all the difference!

Originally based off the Lorax the book by Dr. Seuss it uses those bright colors and lots of fun animation to make this such a wonderful movie and at 70 some minutes its not super long and drawn out!!!

Please garden lovers, nature lovers, animal lovers, Dr. Seuss lovers, ANYBODY.. go see this movie, and laugh and smile then go plant a tree (or a whole garden)

Let it grow
Let it grow
Let the love inside ya show
Plant a seed inside the earth
Just one way to know it's worth
Let's celebrate the world's rebirth

We say let it grow
Let it grow
Let it grow
You can't reap what you don't sow
It's just one tiny seed
But it's all we really need
It's time to banish all your greed
Imagine Thneedville flowered and treed
Let this be our solemn creed
We say let it grow

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