Sunday, March 4, 2012

March Classes:

To help raise money for the urban farm I will be trying to host a couple classes a month!!!

Canning Class:
Learning to make strawberry lemonade concentrate then learn the basics of canning while we do hands on canning of the just made strawberry lemonade concentrate, then walk around the gardens while drinking a nice cool glass of the just made lemonade :)
Saturday, March 10th @ 2pm - 4pm
$20 a student and a thing of strawberries
Please RSVP

Chicken 101:
Learn the basics of chicken raising.. creating a brooder to raise chicks, then moving them outside, protecting them, basics of a chicken coop, flight feather clipping and more
Sunday, March 18th @ 12 (noon)- 2pm
$20 a student and bring a notepad and pen
Please RSVP

Classes are at:
9509 N Dartmouth Ave Tampa FL 33612
Phone Number: 727-254-3757
Email address:

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  1. feel free to post them on code green community to get them out on our weekly newsletter as well! Thanks!