Saturday, March 24, 2012

My Realization and a Garden Fest

So for the first time in many years I slept in a tent... my back ached, i couldn't fall asleep, and I was generally unhappy, realizing that as I get older I dont enjoy or am able to do the things i did as a child. Humph. My daughter on the other hand bounced around the tent for a hour then laid down and passed out, snoring happily away while her mother suffered next to her.

This morning we left early to get to GreenFest a once a year plant fest in plant park (the park connected to the University of Tampa), it gives a beautiful backdrop to a wonderful event which I have attended for the past 3 years always scoring some awesome goods.
This year as I meandered around the park being engulfed in bright blooms, and happily buzzing bees I noticed my favorite plant vendor Fruit of the Bloom was missing, I guess from talking to other vendors they went out of business (so sad) so I went around looking for other edible plant vendors, row after row of roses, native flowers, and orchids I found 3 vendors Thompson's, B&B, and Crowley's.. at Thompson's I got a rhubarb plant, french sorrel, arugula, and lemon balm. At B&B I got a pineapple and a loquat tree. I didn't get anything at Crowley's but almost fell for a purple passion fruit vine that I am kicking myself for not getting now (though I think they go to the USF spring fest in April that I'll be attending). Brooke and I snacked on homemade ice cream (they were making it in a churn right there in front of us, how cool) and kettlecorn while walking around and around for about 3 hours. We sat on the bank of a little stream and watched the crabs fun themselves on the muddy sides, scurrying to their holes anytime we spoke to loud.

I think I am plant addicted but with the way my backyard is coming along... can you blame me?? Some people use retail shopping as a therapy, I use plant shopping, but I only attend maybe 2 or 3 a year so its really NOT that bad!! :)


  1. This is the first year I haven't been. :( I am still thinking I might go later this afternoon. Maybe there will be deals?

  2. I will look forward to seeing how your Rhubarb does..when I was growing up in Indiana my friend had it in her parent's garden & we loved to just pick & eat. Would love to be able to grow some.

  3. It was loads of fun this year! My purple passion flower I got from there last year grows like crazy!

  4. Yes I am very excited about the rhubarb so I will def be posting about it :)

  5. I so enjoy a good plant show!

    See you at USF, if you go on Saturday. I'll be driving one of the golf carts (sign-up in the holding area) to help take your purchases back to your vehicle ;^)