Saturday, March 3, 2012

A new adventure... Ducks!

So today after my errands I came home to find some baby ducks in a box on my doorstep.. I have really really been wanting a duck but now that's they are here in my house I am in shock! A Happy shock, but still a shock.

I am duck clueless so i contacted the feed stores in the area and got them set up in my old chicken brooder, they have to have a special feed for fowl(no antibiotics it can stunt their growth and its also higher in protein) so we took a trip out and got a bag.

I came home and got them all set up and held them, they are little fluff balls but feel so different then chicks.. I put down their water and dipped their beaks like i do chicks to show them that's their water, almost immediately they jumped in and splashed around, lol!!!

They are very very cute and I hope everything works out with them.

P.S: To the person who left the ducks on my doorstep, THANK YOU!!

Once your done here go Barnhop :)


  1. I don't know if you have a pond but duckweed is supposed to be fairly easy to grow and great food for ducks. I am pretty sure that it has a bunch of other uses too. Hey good luck I look forward to reading about the latest additions to your farm.

  2. I do have a pond! Ill try some duckweed! :)

  3. It's always fun for new adventures !!! I'm like you I know nothing about ducks, Good Luck

  4. Ducks are so easy to raise. They dont get sick like chickens do. I love the duck eggs too. Looks like you have a peking.

  5. thanks :) it is fun to go on a new adventure, i cant wait to raise these little fluff balls into beautiful adult ducks :)