Thursday, March 8, 2012

Peak Strawberry Season

Strawberry season is a short 3-4 months reaching its peak right now, and with it bringing the strawberry festival in Plant City. We didn't go but instead went to our favorite plant city market called Parkesdale, there we indulge in fresh strawberry milkshakes, check out their selection of cheap plants, and shop for cheap local produce...

We got 3 bags of juicy, wonderfully yummy citrus for a total of $3.60, we also bought a baby banana tree for $3 and a chocolate habenero for $3, but my pride purchase was a full flat of bright red, juicy, and sweet strawberries for $7..

That was 2 days ago and this morning i noticed they had started to go bad (that's what happens when you pick local ripe foods they go bad quickly).. so before work I had to make a decision let them continue to go bad, or core, cut, and can.. So I got out my spoon and a bowl and started coring them... the whole flat 16 cups of strawberries were cored, washed, and ready to can.. I chose to make more strawberry lemonade concentrate (a huge hit around my house)and strawberries in syrup, everything turned out well and sealed properly so its being cooled overnight then room will be made on our canned shelf :)

What a wonderful time of year!!!

Above are the strawberries in syrup, recipe is the following post


  1. They sure do look good! Ours are just starting!

  2. Normally canned goods will stay pk for up to 3 years, normally good for around 2, and best before 1 year!