Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Potato Adventure

Potatoes are the the second most consumed item in the united states. So every gardener should grow a small batch in the garden.

This is my first year growing and I planted a 4 ft by 18 ft section which held 20 potatoes "seeds". I don't know what I expect as a harvest or how to harvest them exactly. All I know is I am excited.

I planted Red Pontiac Potatoes
80-100 days till maturity
First batch was planted Jan 5th (only 5 came up)~ Harvest April 5th, second batch was planted March 5th (to fill in empty areas)~ Harvest June 5th

Also at the start of April I get sweet potato starts to plant out front!!

YAY for potatoes... And a brand new Barnhop!! :)


  1. Good for you! I will definitely be planting myself some potatoes next year.

  2. They are so easy to grow! They don't pretty much need any fertilizer or anything! My mom used to grow them all the time. When they get big - just form a little mound around the bush and that's it =) Oh and watch out for colorado beetles - them and their larva seem to find potatoes anywhere - they don't parasite on anything else but potatoes and the only way to get rid of them if you get them is to pick them up and squish them =)) Although when I was a kid I used to always released them - the adults are cuuuute! =)) Anyways good luck with your potatoes ;) btw you harvest them pretty much when to bush starts dying back by just digging it up - the potato that you planted will rot, but on its roots it'll form 5-20 bulbs that are your harvest =) and another thing is that after blooming bushes form little seed pods that contain and that are inedible and poisonous to humans - not deadly, but bad for you =) That's all I remember that my mom did =)