Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spring Forward

So spring has sprung and with it brings the sprouting of my beans, okra, sunflowers, and squash.. it also comes with heat waves that make me wish we had a longer winter, so far its been dry but humid stifling you every time you walk outdoors.. it also means the awaking of sleeping plants and first blooms, like we had our first wonderful rose bloom and it was cut and brought inside, its smell is heavenly!

With spring comes longer sunlight hours which means the hens are laying more and more, and the other chickens are growing big so fast.. the ducks have almost doubled in size since that first day and its only been a little less then a week (time to start working on building them a shelter and protected area)..

It also means spring cleaning, the ridding of the old and not getting anything new :)
So far I started my spring cleaning with a clean up of the blog, its more streamlined and clean, the pictures are not lost in the background and show more proudly.. your favorite pages that were on the top bar are now click-able picture links in the side bar.. The picture of me and my fiance is a link to the about me section, I also added out mission and a brief overlook at our homestead size (only 1/5 a acre and that includes the house)

Spring also means a lot of planting, the tomatoes have finally set their true leaves so tomorrow afternoon when the sun lessens its heat level, the tomatoes will be set out and watered in, the squash was set out but the very next day was so windy it broke about half of them so those will be direct seeded, the potatoes are starting to bloom and the ones that never came up were re-planted with fresh seed potatoes

Also as a reminder this Saturday before bed spring forward a hour!!

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