Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sustainable Living Conference

On my 50 minute drive I passed rows of dead strawberry plants, handmade signs that rad cows 4 sale or chicken eggs, and even a goats for sale, tree formed together at the top to make a shady tree tunnel to drive through, and we saw many animals grazing along the fences. as we approached I even saw some wild chickens pecking along the road.

I was greeted by 2 large signs one reading All World Acres, and the other SL conference. As I drove down the long rocky driveway I felt right at home, people wearing tye dye, long skirts, or dirty tattered t shirts, dirt caked their hands and feet, the fences were covered in wild grapes and blackberries. Perfection.

I parked next to a row of cars covered in bumper stickers with all the same message, save the earth, grow your own, etc.

As I walked up to the group I saw a facebook world come to life, everyone I knew on the virtual space was there to hug, and meet, and speak to.. Some people I have met before but many new and wonderful faces to put to the names.

We watched a hugelkultur mound be built, People speak about gardening, health through food, cooking, permaculture, and life. It was inspiring watching all these people gather for 1 cause to work on improving the earth and our way of living.

I took Andy Firk's nature walk where he picked out items we think of weeds, or scrub trees and point out their usefulness, We nibbled 2 types of lemony weeds which i adored. I walked ahead taking picture of nature, which right after gardening is my favorite thing to do.

I was really thrilled with the whole thing and glad I was able to attend, Next year I think I will attend as well! :)

To see what others were up to this weekend, Barnhop!

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