Sunday, March 25, 2012

This Weekends Harvest

While shopping at greenfest and listening to presentations at the sustainable living conference my garden was being transformed in between. While doing all this wonderful planting we also harvested :)

Above: Red Pontiac potatoes harvested from a stunted grasshopper ridden plant

Below: Peas pulled from the dying plants, and 2 violet jasper tomatoes


  1. I tried to leave a post yesterday but must have done something wrong. How did you start your potatoes? They look wonderful! Also, I noticed in previous blog posts that you used kelp you still use that and where do you purchase it from? Thanks for blogging..I have learned alot about organic vegetable growing from your informative blog!

  2. Hi Laura! Glad your enjoying the blog! I started to potatoes from little seed potatoes I got at a local feed store (I also saw them at Walmart)I planted them 2 inches deep and covered with 4 inches of hay then added hay mounded up around them.. I used of my bag of kelp but loved it I got it at Gardens alive when they sent me a half off coupon about a year ago :)