Saturday, April 14, 2012

Blueberry Picking

This year is when I have really focused on season eating the best way to tell when something is in season is when you notice the price drops like crazy (ex: strawberries are now less then $2 a pack vs. $5+, Asparagus is 3 bundles for $3 vs $3 each, etc).

The best way to not get a out of season craving is to preserve your in season goodies. I have a shelf full of strawberry goods like strawnana syrup, strawberry jams, strawberry lemonade and limeade, strawberry lemon marmalade, strawberry wine jelly, strawberries in syrup and now I am easing into blueberry season.
The best part of in season eating is growing it yourself or finding local places..

Mid-April starts blueberry season (and it will kick into high gear the start of May) here in central FL and I love blueberries!!

Our weekend had started so first we stopped at our favorite plant city stop, Parkesdale farms, to grab prob the last of the seasons strawberries. We got half a flat for $5, we also got Valencia oranges whose season is also soon ending. We of course couldn't leave without getting one of their famous strawberry milkshakes.

Not knowing of any u-picks that were open yet (most open late April) we drove down the street Parkesdale is on first going one way but as I started to see fast food and Starbucks somehow knew that was not the right direction to go, so we turned around and drove the other way, we past field after field of already dead and empty strawberry beds until we found signs that said u-pick blueberries, we did a u turn and pulled into a long dirt drive.

We had found a u-pick that was open!!!.. Organic blueberries @ $6 a pound.. not the best price (that comes in may when it drops to $4 or less a pound) but we wanted the experience. We pulled in, grabbed a bucket, and were led to a field with rows and rows of blueberry trees taller then us!

We walked along the trees ( I call them trees cause of the size they are really more like bushes)marveling at all the branches heavy with bright blueish purple fruits, Brooke started picking.. blueberries practically fell into her hand as she touched them. Blueberries of all size quickly fell into the bucket, small richly colored berries, large plump bright colored berries they were all so pretty and looked mouth watering, Berries had fallen on the ground and smooshed below our feet sending out greenish white paste along the ground, birds swooped in and out of the trees loving the feast I am sure they were having. We walked and laughed, and chased Brooke around, we helped her reach high up berries, and made she she didn't get any green ones. After about a half hour of walking the field we had a pound and 1/4 of berries (yes we took out time and enjoyed it).. We checked out and drove home snacking on those wonderful berries the whole way :)

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  1. How cool! I love U-Pick places. Not many farms around here, but once I get back to Gainesville, there are u-picks everywhere.