Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Day Harvest (4-22-12)

2.05 pounds of white scallop squash

0.69 pounds of jap. long eggplant

Total Harvest of: 2.82 pounds

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  1. looks tasty- FYI you may know this but I did not- loofah is a squash! which fact made it worthwhile to take my 10 and 14 yr-old to the postponed earthday festivities at USF. No, it also made me realize I want to attempt a beekeeping endeavor, if anyone would like to go in with me, let me know. (Also reminded me of the ease in which a 21 yr old has access to liquid nitrogen and other chemicals, kinda 'cool' to see a flower s h a t t e r .....

  2. Yes loofah is! I know a few people who eat it!.. I would love to do beekeeping but my fiance is allergic to stings, sadly. And its true watching a flower shatter would be pretty darn cool! My earth day was filled with wedding stuff while my mom was in town :)

  3. I have been wondering for years what that white squash was called! Thank you so much! When I was really poor in college some lady gave me a box of those squash. They were they best thing I had ever eaten!