Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Growing Blueberries~ EASY!!!

Since its blueberry season I have been talking to blueberry growers all around and have learned some great things about growing them...

Most important PINE BARK!!!!

~ Blueberries dont need or like soil to grow... stick them in a LARGE tub fill with pine mulch and water them well


~ Use organic potash, and organic nitrogen



Blueberries are very durable, and will grow well if you follow the easy steps above.

This is how I plan to grow them...

Cinder blocks...

2 or 3 blocks stacked on top of each other and painted fun designs, for visual appeal. First fill with pine nuggets then sprinkle with potash and organic nitrogen, then do that with the second blocks, put in the plant, and fill all around with more pine nuggets until its filled to the top, give it a good soaking and let GROW!!!!


  1. Aren't you worried about the chemicals from the tires leaching into the berries? :(

  2. There are many view points on gardening in tires.. Some say no, some say yes, and some say fine until the tire starts to degrade... Ive looked at many arguments and it seems that a tire will be fine to use until it starts to break down, then chemicals start leaching. after somemore research and fact that tires are ugly , im going to use stacked cinder blocks and maybe paint cool pictures on it!

  3. You can also mulch with pine needles, free and very acidic which blueberries love!