Sunday, April 8, 2012

International Permaculture Day~ Tampa

I am arranging a potluck meeting with like minded people, who can play music, teach classes, show how to care for the earth, garden, live "green", and of course people who would like to attend to learn, grow, and socialize!

Date: May 6th
Time: 10am-3pm

***What we would like to have:***
~ Someone or People who can play music and would be willing to
~ A couple people to teach free short classes
~ People to bring all sorts of garden goodies to create 2 beds 1 hugelculture bed and 1 sheet mulched (no till) bed
~ Everyone who attends to bring at least 1 dish (drinks, snacks, meals)

*Please contact me if able to lend your services to the day and cause (either through email or post on the wall), also please just hit coming if your able to be there :)*

Please share this and send around for everyone to join, it would of course be a free potluck event, everyone welcome at my house and gardens..

House and gardens will be open for people to teach classes both in the large backyard and front yard, house, etc.. should be plenty of room!!! 9509 N Dartmouth Ave Tampa FL 33612

This is the first international permaculture day lets not disappoint...


  1. I just came across your blog, and I think it's fantastic! I will do my best to attend and contribute to this event! On a side note, I live in Wimauma, FL, with about 5 acres to do as I please with. I've been familiar with permaculture for a few years, and am really hoping to work the land by those principles. I don't own it, but I'll be there for a little while. I just want to get some good food in the ground! Chickens too, maybe some goats? I'll be using your blog as something of a guide, as I have almost no experience. I worked on an organic farm for a few months two years ago, but never have I had land to tend. Anyway, this went much longer than I anticipated. Great blog guys, thanks!
    -Jonathon Childs

  2. Welcome! I hope you can make it to my event!!!! Stay tuned for a schedule coming out at the end of the month!!!

    I would love acreage but I make do with what I have, I think you should plant the crap outta that land even if it isnt yours because then it will be enjoyed by many others for a long time! I think everyone should have a couple chickens, and goats are amazing!! I hope my blog serves as a good jumping off point to your own adventure!!! :)