Sunday, April 29, 2012

Making "car" sun dried tomatoes

So with my many tomatoes I decided to make sun dried tomatoes!!!

*The stuff you get in the store is not actually sun dried and costs a arm and leg*

I cut 3 tomatoes into thin slices laying them out on a cake drying rack setting that over a glass cooking dish and covering with a second glass cooking dish, I set this outside on my black SUV's hood early this morning, by 6 o'clock they were a gummy dry which means to get a perfect sun dried tomato you are looking at a 2 day process. Thats fine with me!!!

Im excited about this project!

Tonight I am taking the driest pieces and making a pizza...

Homemade fresh dough turned into pizza crust, homemade pizza sauce, and fresh sun dried tomatoes.. i think I may cut up some fresh squash to roast and throw on top, maybe some chicken, garlic from the garden, fresh arugula from the garden.... Mmmmmmmm

Now I am hungry but am still gunna Barn Hop!!


  1. What a great idea! What do you do with them overnight?

    1. You take them inside - maybe store in your oven. We actually sun-dry ours inside the car on the dash...gets hotter there.

  2. Yes how did i not see this post... yes you bring them in, yea you can do car but I hate the smell it makes in the car and in my SUV there is no dash lol