Wednesday, April 4, 2012

ready, set, grow

Today I planted a entire pack of squash seeds, a pack of French green beans, and a entire papaya's seeds... They were planted haphazardly around the garden beds hopefully creating a crazy jungle of green growing things that will shade out weeds..
Some of our tomatoes had been dug up either by some chickens or our pesky cat..

Now tonight its flashing lightning and as I looked at the radar a huge storm was headed at us creating severe thunderstorm warnings everywhere..

We went outside with flashlights and rigged together a floating platform for the ducks bed so they could stay warm, and as the storm hits everything should get a good watering so that's a plus and the ponds should fill back up nicely!

Nothing beats waking up in the morning after a good rain and seeing how happy all the plants are :)

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  1. Cool post! I really can't help but smile. Happy Gardening.