Sunday, April 15, 2012

When your hen becomes a rooster

Sexing a chicken at birth is a tricky job that is not always correct so even when buying sexed pullets be aware you might end up with a rooster.

Here is our story!

A couple weeks ago I took a good look at our flock, one of the middle aged chickens (Happy) towered over the older hens... I was confused because she was the same breed but developed at a MUCH faster rate then her sister did. Happy already had a large red comb, stood tall, and developed beautiful black tail feathers that shone blue and green in the sunlight. I picked her up and held her for a while asking her if she was stealing all the food for herself (yes i talk to my chickens, if they start answering then we have to worry). I petted her telling her how beautiful she was and she cooed back.

That night as I lay in bed I was thinking about just how big and different Happy was. I started to worry...

A few days ago I was working in the backyard and heard some scuffles in the chicken area, I looked over to see Happy latched on to the back of her sisters neck, the older hens rushed over and pecked happy till she let go.... I thought it was weird but maybe just another one of their pecking order scuffles... I was still worried..

This morning I woke up early and went to the bathroom.. I heard the neighbors rooster crow.. cock-a-doodle-do... then following a lower pitched doodle-doo... I sat upright.. what was that... then again doodle-doo... it was outside the window.. I rushed outside to the chicken area and stared inside.. 6 chickens stared back at me.. no sounds... I let them out and waited... I sat out their weeding for about a hour before giving up and chalking it up to early morning brain... I was still worried...

I worked outside all day hearing no crows (except from the neighbors rooster)then came sunset.. I was out front planting and mulching.. I heard the crow again... I ran to the side fence that overlooks the chicken area... I didn't see happy, where was she.. There on the other side of the fence with her sister scratching in the garden...I heard the crow again.. and again.. yep it was coming from the her.. My fears had been confirmed Happy the Hen was in fact a rooster. *sigh*

Now to get rid of him... :(

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  1. Does this mean that all the eggs could become chicks???

  2. the older hens wont let him get any lol... they peck the crap outta him :)

  3. Oh my! I know you hate that. I have a young Buff Orpington that I'm praying is a hen. "Her" tail is longer than the other hen. And she isn't as cuddly as the other. That will be so sad if she is a rooster. I have one who rules the Rhode Island Reds. I don't want another.

    Please come check out my chicks and coops:

    Have a good night!