Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May 6th: International Permaculture Day

May 6th 2012 was the first International Permaculture Day celebrated all over the world. Anyone was welcome to put together a event in their area, so I took it to heart and started to piece together a group. Slowly but surely the invites went out, messages to people who might like to speak, bands who might like to play, people to attend... It grew, slowly at first, 1 speakers, 3 maybes, 2 speakers, 4 maybes, 5 speakers, 5 maybes, 10 SPEAKERS!!!!!

I ended up with a fantastic line up of speakers.


~ 10am: Brian Ritter- Transition from Stagnation to Inspiration

~ 10:30am: Eric Stewart- Permablitz

~ 11am: John Starnes- Alternative Summer Crops

~ 11:30am: Tricia Gaitan Medina- Making Issues into Assets: Going Zero Waste in the Backyard Farm
**Unfortunately had to cancel so a wonderful gentlemen spoke briefly about straw bale gardening.**

~ 12 (noon): Tom Carroll- The Shift to Permaculture: Returning to Holistic

~ 12:30pm: Mary Davis- Care of the People & Sharing the Surplus

~ 1pm: Ara Mcleod- The Underground Movement: Anarchism, Gardening, & Food Security

~ 1:30pm: Lynda Mink- Community Gardens
**Who also had to cancel so Andy Firk led everyone on a Urban Foraging plant walk around the neighborhood.**

~ 2pm: Emmanuel Roux- DEMO- Storing Water Underground @ Location: Self watering & Hugelkulture

~ 2:30PM: Ryan Iacovacci- Radical Community Engagement & the Hope of Urban Agriculture

Everyone was filled with such a positive wonderful energy and everyone was talking, laughing, and joking around. Hugs and kisses were given, chickens were petted, the garden was toured, pictures were taken, video was recorded, and wonderful food was enjoyed.

Besides having a toilet that couldn't handle the amount of flushing going on and getting a late start (my fault) everything went smooth and wonderfully. I couldn't be filled with any more wonderful positive energy. Im refreshed and thrilled with the community building going on.

I hosted it as a free event, and Shells Feed Store loaned us a couple straw bales for sitting, a donation box was placed at the gate and if you had it, you could donate, if not you were welcome to come and enjoy. I did get wonderful donations from people so THANK YOU ALL (its all going back into the garden), but it wasn't about the money (that's why it was free), it was about getting people together, getting them excited, and creating a community were we could meet each other, talk with each other, love each other for who were are.

It was truly amazing and I just want to say a HUGE thank you to all the wonderful smart speakers and to all the amazing attendees. THANK YOU EVERYONE!!

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  1. Nice recap! It was grand to be with so many community minded people! Bravo!