Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Need Land???

Live in an apt, condo or very small lot?

Pamela Martin Lunn has plenty of space for a garden!!!
~~Youll just have to help her move the horse fence (maybe a couple hours work)~~

no chemicals can be used on the property
must be organic
She has the right to fresh pick from your garden (but wont take advantage of that)

SHe is located 2 miles from the Oldsmar Flea Market.
Lots and lots of free goat and chicken manure available for use here and take home for your garden.
Either you can furnish rain collectors and catch the rain water from the house or you can contribute $1 per day that you irrigate with their city water!

**We highly encourage collection units!***

Easy 3/4 acre of land available.

There is well point in the ground and piping but her well tank rusted, (she does have the motor and an extra though)
Fix it and get free water from the ground.

Groups or individuals!
This can be a long term situation!

Contact Pam at: thedancinggoat83@gmail.com

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