Sunday, May 20, 2012

Permie Song!


  1. This made my morning! My mood was lifted, I felt like running out and digging up my swale and chatting with my neighbors, sharing stories and seeds, until....I realized they are not in America obviously. And I am in s. Tampa where noone shares anything, they'll throw their perfectly good stuff in the trash before they'll offer it to a neighbor or even a person who has worked for them for 25 years- not to mention they in fact discard old paint pesticides and other toxic materials into their municipal waste cans to save a buck.....sorry Brit- the song was great

  2. Awwww.... Come to any events that I host, everyone swaps stories, seeds, and fun!!! Yes sadly many much rather just toss things then donate/share... but we can slowly work to change their minds!! Maybe a shared song, or story, bounty from the garden, a pack of seeds left on a dootstep with note about how to plant, anything! I started talking with my neighbors last year when i had a bounty of carrots that i shared!!! :)