Saturday, May 26, 2012

Summer Garden Video

Take a walk with me around our early summer garden as the traditional starts to die and the tropical plants take hold!


  1. I just listened to you on Rob Loreii's show,unfortunately,I missed about the first 10 mins. I'm impressed with your knowledge,spirit and willingness to try new ideas,thinking out of the box,if you will.Many years ago,(well,maybe not THAT many!)my late father in law took me under his wing,showing me how to do a veggie garden.It was traditional type,and we didn't think very organically at the time.But,boy did we get results!!I'm interested in doing it your way(shot-gun gardening?)I'm messing around w/some flower seeds,starting in egg ctns.,but fully intend on a veggie patch in the back yard,but my timing is at best,unsure.Been in N.P.R.,fl,since '86.Formerly from Philly.Any thoughts to get offa my duff and do this?

  2. Yay Wonderful! So glad you found me! I have so much I could tell you! :) ill give you a briefing then spend some time looking back through the posts on here!!

    First start small so you dont overwhelm yourself, try a 4x8, build yourself a bed either using bricks or untreated wood (no pressure treating!!!

    Turn your soil and remove the grass and weeds, rake smooth, Lay down some soy ink (black and white no glossy or color) news paper in a thick layer. pile on compost!!! you can buy bagged you can order a truckful (mother organics) or make your own, fill it up to the brim of whatever you are using as a raised garden, let settle for a week then top off with good soil until at the brim again, plant a cover crop if you do it now otherwise wait until early September and plant tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, marigolds, squash, and whatever else you like to eat, scatter the seedlings all around and try not to put the same ones right next to each other and not in a straight row, mulch with straw or leaves and water well, keep watering and watch your plants grow!!! :)

    1. YAY for YOU!This is exactly the start that I'm looking for,will start my composting.Tks,Brittany,keep up the good work!

  3. Where in FL are you? I'm in Palm Beach county :) Always great to see fellow Floridian gardeners!