Friday, May 25, 2012

Ugh its Hot Out There!

Florida summers~ where the days are in the upper 90's and the nights are in the lower 90's. The time when you would have to pay someone to walk outside let alone do any work outside.
Unfortunately there is no rest for the gardeners or farmers, always seeds to start, soil to build, food to harvest, plants to water, gardens to be built... always something

Its not really a bad thing it keeps us going but man you need to plan your days, you do not want to be out watering those plants between noon and 4.. first its not good for the plants to be sprayed with water then have the hot sun beat down on them, AND its not good for you either, those times are the hottest hours of the day so go for a swim, read a book, or lounge around in the AC.

This summer got hot quick.. well really the whole year has been unseasonably hot, I got no peach blooms (that means no peaches) this year due to a mild winter (not enough chill hours) then the couple we did get were killed by a late freeze.

We did however get a bumper crop of squash!!

Now the summer sun beats down upon my precious plants and they are already wilted by noon, the heat and humidity have brought a large wave of pests to the gardens which have killed many plants but mostly my wonderful squashes, but as the more traditional plants die back to the ground the unusual types start growing well, meaning the roselle, tropical spinach's, sweet potatoes, cowpeas, chaya, cassava, bananas, tropical fruit trees, and other goodies are taking the place of those traditional plants.

My eventual goal is to have no part of the garden without something growing ALL the time, this keeps the sun from beating down on bare soil, erosion, and many others problems that occur when leaving open ground.

Summer is about daydreaming of the cooler months where long days in the garden dont cause you to break into heat rashes or cause dehydration.. its also about planning new changes to the gardens.. some you can start during the hot months to get yourself a head start!

My Summer Goals:

~Re-Do the front yard, this means first creating a simple walkway throughout the yard and building gardens in all the space around the walkway, the front yard will contain edibles, flowers, moringa, and banana trees

~ Diggin' Swales, this means digging a glorified trench in a area that would easily catch water (in my case along the house for roof runoff and along the sidewalk for street floods) to help the water soak right into the soil, plant a garden right along the swales and walla a self watering garden.... kinda ;)

~ Replace a garden in the back, this means i will tear out a current garden that i placed in the wrong area (my very first garden bed that gets 99% shade and things WONT grow), I will move the garden out towards the center yard by just 4 feet and instead of creating a rectangle like it is now i will build it into a circle

~ Learn to grow flowers, this means buying a wildflower box of seeds creating a nice garden bed and teaching myself to grow the damn things, i dont know why but i can grow a veggie or fruit but i kill just about every flower that i get, UGH

~ Harvest seed, this means when all my wonderful cold leafy greens are finished flowering and produce seed i will harvest it for next season

~ Look back through my garden journal to see what i want to plant again, what i might want to plant again, and what i DO NOT want to plant again

Happy gardening and planning all!!!

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