Monday, May 28, 2012

WMNF Sustainable Living Show

Every other Monday there is this wonderful show on WMNF called the Sustainable Living show hosted by Jon Butts. He and his wife are wonderfully amazing people whom i am so honored to meet and even more so to be their guest on their wonderful show!

Last year they asked me to be apart of this show but due to me working a Monday- Friday job it was impossible for me to get off work, but as luck would have it I took memorial day off work to go to the beach with my family. Last week I received a email asking me to come on, what perfect timing how could I say no!!

Sunday night I could hardly sleep I was so nervous (as I always get) so i tossed and turned thinking of what I would say, i woke up early to take a shower and get dressed still my mind was spinning with what I would say, what if i choked on my words, what if my mind went black, I chewed on my nails thinking (a terrible habit of mine)....

About 10:15 I got in my car to find the studio, heart pounding mind spinning, why on earth i always get so nervous before something new i have no idea but it keeps me on my toes, I pulled in and sat in the parking lot gathering my nerve, I walked to the front door... locked no-one inside to let me in, shit!

I called the number on the door... no answer.. I walked back to my car to see a van pull in with bumper stickers on the back and 2 people inside, I knew that had to be them. I waved as they walked over, struck with fear I greeted them but as soon as i stepped inside with them my fear and nervousness vanished, they were so kind and wonderful, great souls! We joked, laughed, and I got a tour of the place (rows and rows of records, I was in heaven)

We sat down and I explained who I was and what I was about, before I knew it we were walking into a studio room with microphones, tv's on the walls, headphones, knobs, switches, computers, phones.... again i felt the nervousness rush back, I was introduced to Rob and sweet man with a firm handshake, I took my seat adjusted the mic put on the head phones and we were off...

They started the piece with a clip from fresh all about the organic urban farming movement, then introduced me and my age (im very weird about my age because lets face it how many 22 year old's are into this stuff? I want to teach people, show people what can be done but I dont want them to think shes to young to do this and that etc so I normally refer to myself as a 20-something and leave it be at that), but as soon as they started asking questions I felt at home, I love speaking about gardening so everything came so easily to me, words were flowing out of my mouth and i didn't choke, my mind didn't go blank... I was at peace behind that mic and I loved every second of it!

I want to thank everyone who tuned in or found this blog because of that show, it was such a wonderful experience!!
For those of you who missed it but want to hear it CLICK HERE.. TAA DAA :)

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