Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Girl with a Dream

Dreams, the minds way of sorting out information. Mine started with a blank backyard, no grass just dirt, first trees went in...
many fruit trees all along the back fence and sides, smaller trees scattered in the middle, then fruit bushes were added raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, then areas were filled with tropical plants like cassava, moringa, pineapple, followed by strawberries all over the place as a ground cover, there were straw bales growing tomatoes, herb spirals, large ponds with happy fish and plants that my dream self couldn't identify, a large outdoor classroom, a bee hive, chickens ranging around pecking happily finding bugs...

I woke up.

I feel inspired my dream self want to focus on the garden, maybe it has to do with my new outlook on the future, after all the garden is the base of saving money, imagine raising your own meat outback, your own eggs, all the veggies and fruits you need, herbs for your spice cabinet, and if you have room and the time you could even grow your own grains. You wouldn't need to make runs to the grocery store very often, you could freeze and can excess for eating out of season. You would save both time, energy, gas, and money this way.

Granted I cannot raise bees here in the middle of the city(with a hubby who is allergic), I have little room for a outdoor classroom (though maybe I can dress up the porch to serve the purpose), When the chicken range all over the place they destroy my veggies and fruits so they will say in their roaming area, I do not have room for a large pond but maybe a small version, there are base items that cannot be moved now but all along the back fence is empty so I think it would be perfect for 3 fruit trees to be added, I always want more fruit bushes and need to find them on sale because they are pricey :) My dream self has unlimited money but my true self is limited.

So the first things I will be working on is:
~ Paying off my current debt so I can start saving for property (I owe less then $5,000) within the next 2 years
~ Planting new fruit trees and fruit bushes, permanent features like this give much return for your spent energy level.
~ Harvesting more rain water to cut back on the water bill (new water barrels, swales, etc)
~ Putting in a small pond where I can grow edible pond plants

Having a set direction should help me control my need to buy useless things or spend my energy on pointless things, of course ill wander because thats what I do, and ill start other projects in the gardens because thats what I love but ill always have a set direction and only act of things that will help me get to this direction.

My final goal is: To lead a life where our own land will support our family, to not have debt that I have to work my whole life to pay off, to live simply but happily, and to own my own piece of land with a small simple yet lovely charming house ( 2 acres or more somewhere with good soil, low property tax, and good schools)

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  1. Sounds like a great plan! Its good to have a direction you want to move in, instead of wondering aimlessly around.