Thursday, June 28, 2012

Just a Memory

Already Debby seems just like a distant memory, the waters have receded, the story is out of the headlines, and its been all blue skies and hot sun!

My sunflowers all blew over, my cassava split in half, the mulberry was leaning heavily to one side, the kale and collards look battered, and the tarp for the chickens covering blew off.

The bananas in the swales are so wet and happy they shot out all new growth. Speaking of swales let me update you on those!

What used to happen is my road would flood and rush over the sidewalk into my yard filling the dip right smack in the middle, then the water would rush off the roof and add to the growing flood in my yard. At the end of even a normal 2 hour storm my yard would be ankle deep water through the entire middle section.

Now as I have said before I created 2 swales, one along the sidewalk to catch road floods, and one along the house planted with banana plants to catch the roof runoff.

The real test was this tropical storm and let me tell you how impressed I am.

The swales contained all of the flood waters soaking them deep into the ground vs running off the top. There were maybe a couple little puddles around the size of my foot but that was it. What the swales didn't drink up the garden beds did. I am so thrilled with the work they preformed, thank you swales, and thank you permaculture for teaching me about it!!!


  1. Glad there was no major damage for you! Have you posted images of the swales before? I would love to see them, although to much water is really not a problem we ever have...

  2. Here was the swales in work, filled with leaves so no one gets hurt, they are great for rain water harvesting on location, place on a hill and as it rushes down the hill it will catch in the swale and soak into the ground, planting a garden on the downhill side of the swale gives you instant deep watering!

  3. I am so happy to hear you didn't substain any damage. The swales saved the day!