Wednesday, June 13, 2012


My plants are clearing themselves out....
Planted things to close together?
Nature will fix that!

My food forest was once so dense you could not see a inch of the ground but in came the pests and with them disease! So now some type of grain, beans, roselle, ground cherries, and some other plants are left standing as the monster squash slowly gets killed back and the nitrogen fixers were chopped and dropped. Really mother nature?

Some would claim this a disaster and at first so did I, but its not at all.
In fact this is how nature works.. do you wander into nature and see no bugs?
I dont think so, there are bugs everywhere (the good bad and ugly), diseased plants, fungi, and any number of other "problems" but this is how our mother works, so I dont ask questions (well sometimes i say "really?" see above) and I dont attempt to do it for her, she knows what is best so I leave it at that!

I am all about the minimal work nowadays, I want my garden to work for me not the other way around. So whatever happens, happens!

The roselle seems happy, the beans are happy, that grain plant (i dont know what it is) is over 7 ft tall so i am assuming its happy, the sweet potatoes are happy, sunflowers are happy, all my tropicals are happy, the kale, collards, peppers, and eggplant are still happy, so why stress about anything?
Just plant meaningful!

So here is my thought:

The squash was planted out of traditional season but meant as a experiment, it did not produce but what it did was get huge with large leaves that shaded out the ground from the hot drying summer sun, now that the sweet potatoes are going crazy and taking over as the ground cover mother nature is killing off the squash as it has served it purpose for this season.

Its actually quite beautiful to see how things work together!

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