Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tropical Storm Debby

As I write this I can hear the rain beating my roof in waves with the wind. Out in the gulf to the west of us loams tropical storm Debby and all that she brings.

So far she has brought 48 hours of steady rain, lighter at times but never ceasing. I have built a garden bed in her, fed and cared for the animals in her, weeded in her, but today is different. There is a strong wind blowing through the trees, making them whip back and forth. The leaves shudder underneath the cool rain every time a strong wind comes. Dropping as much as it can to the ground below.

The streets are flooded, and rain barrels filled, I see lights on in peoples houses and faces staring outside at me as I walk outside in my sundress with palms and my face turned up to the sky. Thank you mother earth for this blessing of rain, I know you are fixing the drought that we have had in the only way you know how. Rain.

The rain slowed and a slow gust of wind blew my hair and somehow I felt like I was understood, I turned and went into the backyard to finish my morning duties, I may have been sopping wet but I had a smile upon my face.

Life is good!

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  1. He does give us everything we need in life to survive and timing is infinite with the Lord.