Saturday, July 14, 2012

Eating Meat.

So many of us eat meat without giving it a second thought. Others choose to be vegetarian or vegan without giving it a second thought.

It is weird to think about it in a way. We go to the grocery store, walk in and all of these aisles are lined with food. Food in boxes with over 10 ingredients, food in baskets under lights and little sprayers of water to keep fresh looking, food spread out on ice, food in little glass cabinets waiting for you to pick your cut.. all this food and we walk along stopping every 10 feet to decide if we want one brand or another and that draws the line in the thought we put into our food.

While no persons food choice is wrong many will argue and fight that their choice is safer, better, more natural. Whatever you choose its your choice. If you feed yourself the processed food, the vegan, vegetarian items, or the omnivore diet they all have ups and downs.

Omnivores like myself take life, either by buying it in the grocery store, raising and slaughtering it yourself, or buying it from a local farmer. We take the life of vegetables, some which just joined the world days before (like sprouts), we take the life of animals that either had a good life on a local farm or a factory farmed life crammed into little cages and stalls in some soiled environment.

Vegetarians eat eggs, cheese, fish, and other animal products without eating actual meat. These people (I was one for 3 years) make a choice that fish are less objectionable to their lifestyle then a cow, but why? These people also like the omnivore choose to take a vegetables life, again some that are just joining this world. Vegetarians also eat fake meat in a lot of cases, like veggie burgers, soy products, and other goods that are made from GMO corn, soy, etc.

Vegans are people who choose not to consume any animal product. No milk, cheese, fish, eggs... nothing. These people still like the vegetarian and omnivore take a vegetables life without a second thought, again some that are just joining this world. Many also eat fake meat, cheese, milk in a lot of cases; like Boca and Morning Star veggie burgers, soy products, and other goods that are made from GMO corn, soy, etc.

While their are sub categories for every section this is the general sum. Whatever your choices are you are taking something from something else to satisfy you. Maybe you take the life of a chicken for soup, or maybe you purchase that wrapped package under the lights in the cooler at the grocery store, or you pluck a turnip from the ground, or you take an egg from your chicken, a fish from the sea. All these things had a life in front if it.. who are we to judge which is better then the other? I know I will not judge but as a vegetarian who started losing her hair while she was eating that way (despite the vitamins i was supplementing) I have chosen to be a omnivore.

*Brittany's Diet Choice: Omnivore
*What this means: I take the life of both plants and animals, though not without thanks and understanding.
*My sub-category: I choose healthful foods. Items that dont have a long list of ingredients (most you cant even say). Which means very very few processed foods.I raise a huge garden, raise my own chickens for eggs, and have a couple ducks for meat. I shop local when I can, am against GMO's, dont drink soda, and loves all life.


  1. I LOVE YOUR BLOG - I love the NO RELIGION TO DIETS - I eat well, live well, and give thanks, and comsume as close to earth - that is my LIFE- please check out my FB page Soulful Seed and SHARE!!!<3

  2. As a vegetarian who is transitioning to vegan, I don't really consider vegetarians who eat fish to be true vegetarians. And though I agree with you that we shouldn't judge the food choices of others I don't really think you can compare taking the life of a chicken or cow (a sentient being who can feel fear and pain) to taking the life of a turnip.

    However, I do agree with you that we all need to examine our food choices and the true motivations behind them. We have to examine what we believe in and what we are comfortable with when it comes to what we put in our bodies. It's only with this kind of examination, and hopefully conversation with others, that we can improve our food system.