Saturday, July 7, 2012

I want a choice.

Today I sat down and watched Farmageddon after months of trying to see it I was finally able to track it down at the library. I teared up, I swore a couple times, but above all else I became angry.

Its a movie about local and raw foods, mostly raw milk, but they include cheeses, meats, and even some veggies. Whats happening is these little local farmers are having their livelihood stolen from them. The FDA, Big Ag and state level ag. departments are finding these little local farmers and claiming they are a huge health hazard, they get warrants for search and seizure and leave this persons home with thousands of dollars of goods.

They take food items, animals, equipment, and they can do nothing but watch all they have worked for be taken. Some have guns pulled on them, others are forced to stay in one room while their house and farm is torn apart. HOW CAN THIS BE HAPPENING?!?

When 99% of the sickness you hear about comes from large scale factory farm plants, or large scale farms, why is the little guy down the road being heckled? Why aren't the big corporations having to face fines, raids, etc when they are the ones doing wrong?

Im saddened and angry by the way America views are freedoms, seeing as how they obviously think us to stupid to make healthful smart decisions for our own bodies or families. Instead they spend millions promoting and helping McDonald's, Walmart, and others feed us processed unhealthy cheap crap.

If you haven't watch the movie, Im almost certain you will come away with a new sense of freedom and as spitting mad as me. We must fight for the change we want!

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  1. Brittany, This is why I am so against government forcing us into giving up any more of our freedoms. It is all intergrated and we can't pick and choose which we want them to force upon us and which we don't want. It is soooo sad. It's like we are living in the twilight zone where good and bad are reversed. Thanks for sharing, I wish more people would give a damn before it is too late.