Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lack of posting

In 22 days I am getting married so these past couple weeks and future couple weeks have been and will be crazy!

Im trying to get money together, do all those little details you forget, get all the paper work together, finish all the tasks, pay all of the people, whew.
I am exhausted and that plus trying to get my daughter into Pre-K, get insurance, working full time and taking care of the gardens and animals... blogging has found the back burner, but I PROMISE i will be back shortly with full steam ahead.

Until then enjoy my posts when they appear, and ill see you shortly :)


  1. Don't forget to breath and have fun!!!

    1. wow ! you are one busy girl.. I have enjoyed your posts very much .. Best wishes on your upcoming wedding.. Will be looking forward to your posts, I agree with Ruth take time to have some fun along the way ...