Sunday, July 15, 2012


The male duck was put down, it was not doing anything just pooping and eating, then it tuned mean and attacked the chickens even ripping out some feathers. It had to go, and so it did. Not without the loss of a friends finger though. It was such a crazy accident, I still shake when i think about it.

But the duck was finished by me, it aged in the fridge to improve the meat and is now frozen. I dont think I can eat it seeing as how what happened when it died.

This is not something I will rush to do again, it was harder i believe because I raised it myself from a little duckling left on our porch.

I feel if you are going to eat meat it is something you should do at least once, just to understand the process that goes behind it. But thats just me..

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  1. I have heard that more than once, that meat eaters should experience killing an animal to know what it is they are eating. For myself, I politely decline.