Friday, August 10, 2012

Duck, Duck, Egg?

So as I said before we put the male duck into the freezer, the female duck bonded with the chickens and they became good buddies, scouting the bugs together, flapping wings, lounging in the shade, etc.

I love it but man is she noisy like a awful alarm clock every morning.. I was ready to get rid of her but got caught up in wedding details and finishing. After the wedding when we came back we went out to look at the ladies and make sure everything was ok. They were all happy and ran to see us as we refilled their food and water, then we emptied the nest box... 18 eggs awaited us in that nest box... my oh my lol.

As I am juggling the chickens eggs I go to open the fence gate a see a hole dug, worried I ran inside dumped out the eggs and rushed back out to see what was living in the hole... I squatted down next to the coop and looked right behind it where this little shallow hole was. 4 eggs awaited me!! Dang it I thought, to many eggs in the nest box one girl started laying out here, then I picked them up. They were kind of satiny to the touch, and white (besides the dirt). I dont have a chicken that lays white eggs, that means..... THE DUCK!!!! I was so happy I could leap for joy, it makes her 7am wake up calls much easier to put up with!!! I brought them inside and put them next to the chickens, wow the duck egg was about 1 & 1/2 the size of our largest chicken egg!!

A couple days later I went back outside to find a new hole was dug with another 2 eggs, that made 6 eggs in 8 days and today I found another! I am stoked! For what was supposed to be a poor layer (they are meat birds)this one is super productive so far!

Now to make pound cake with the duck eggs (I heard it makes the BEST) :)


  1. I can feel your excitement! Even after a year or so of having hens . . . I still get excited each day when I go to collect their eggs.

  2. How often is your duck supposed to lay?

    1. Well Pekin ducks are supposed to lay around 90 eggs a year but mine has been laying almost daily which is a shock to me! Other ducks are great layers and some can out produce chickens, I would get storeys guide to raising ducks it breaks it down for you! :)