Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I was gone.... again

I have been in IL the past 4 days letting my garden tend itself, and the animals being checked on once for a re-up of food and water, but enjoying the cooler weather of the north.

Highs in the mid 70's greeted us and lows in the 50's. It was perfection! We were there to attend a memorial service for family, and it was lovely. After that I spent my time at Connected Roots Garden, lounging in the shade of big old trees, feeling the soft grass beneath my feet and feasting on garden goodies. Pulling out carrots I could not believe how dark and rich their dirt was, everything a Florida gardener can only dream they will ever have. We attended the local farmers market consisting on maybe around 15 tents, local farms hosting their goods, local bakers, soap makers, and ranchers. We picked up dip mix, local sweet corn, fresh baked bread, a bouquet of flowers, local meat for lunch, and a jar of local open sourced honey. We walked back to the house and gardens and grilled outside surrounded by birds busily eating, squirrels collecting black walnuts for winter, and newly born chipmunks chase each other round and round. I felt like I was in the movie Snow White and birds would help us clean our dishes. We saw deer prancing around as well and Mr. Sunny Spot (AKA: My dear hubby) was within 10 ft of one eating as he laid still near the garden.

Food was prepared fresh from the garden, and the local farmers market, and the booze flowed freely. It was the perfect getaway.

Now I am preparing to leave again but this time hopefully for the awaited honeymoon (as long as tropical storm Isaac doesn't do what they think he will)! This month has been a crazy one seeing as how 75% has not been spent at home and I cannot wait to get back to normal (or as much as we can be normal) come September! :)

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