Saturday, August 11, 2012

Seed Binder Organizer

Since I ALWAYS have many packs of seeds (I like my variety's) I have to keep them organized or they would be all over the house.. So after about 6 months of having them in a basket I created my seed binder and have kept them this way ever since.. :)

Below is a look at my closed binder.. I got one with a clear sleeve on front so i could slip my seed order papers in front so I always have a record of what I have ordered and from where..

Below.. we have a open look at my seed binder

As you can see I took those nifty little sports card plastic binder holders and placed my folded seed packs into a slot.. each page holds 9 packs.. I organize mine this way.... warm season/ cold season/ herbs/ flowers/ perennials

I think this is a great way to organize and stay compact.. I slip my binder into the fridge door and it takes up almost no space..

Hope this helps! :)

**Originally Posted Back in January 2012**


  1. What a great Idea. Is that made specially for seeds? I am going to adopt that since my seeds are now in a shoe box ...This seems much more organized.

  2. Thanks for sharing..great way to keep them organized! What are your favorite types of tomatoes to grow? I have only tried twice to grow them and had trouble with them splitting and also hard yellow areas..not juicy at all.

  3. @Laura, I am a fan of pineapple, violet jasper and homestead tomatoes! :)

    @Ruth, Those are trading card sheets but work perfect for a folded seed pack :)

  4. Brittany, I haven't been able to find the trading card sheets - where did you find them?


  5. I found mine at target, others have said walmart but I would hate to make someone go there, I also ordered some really cheap from ebay